We offer a variety of different wellness related products for purchase.

See below for the products we carry in office.

Larger quanties and/or different varieties of products may be available to order.  Inquire in office.

Biofreeze Professional

Cooling topical for pain relief.

Available in the following varieties:

4oz Gel (Green or Colorless) - $12

4oz Spray - $13

3oz Roll On (Green or Colorless) - $12



Cooling topical lotion for pain relief.

Avaliable in the following sizes:

4oz - $16

8oz - $26


Products available for purchase in the office include:


Hypervolt 2 - $199 +tax

Hypervolt Go 2 - $129 +tax

Heated Head Attachment - $59 +tax


*Picured is the Hypervolt Go 2 with the Heated Head Attachment

More from Hyperice

Products available for purchase in the office include:

Venom Go - $129 +tax


Products available for purchase in the office include:

Acumobilty trigger point balls - $25 each

Orange, Level 1, similar to a tennis ball

Blue, Level 2, similar to a lacrosse ball


Ultimate Back Roller - $60

Core Hot/Cold Packs

Avaliable in the following sizes:


Medium (6"x10") - $13

Large (10"x13") - $16

Trisectional (11"x15") - $26

Cervical (6"x20") - $16

Nurtidyn Nutritional Supplements

A variety of supplements are in stock in the office, with more available for order.


D-Core Cervical Support Pillow - $41

This style of pillow is carried in the office.

Other styles/varietes may be ordered upon request.

Custom Orthotics

by Foot Levelers

Custom casts of your feet are created and sent in to create an orthotic just for you.  Available in a variety of styles for all types of shoes and activity levels.

Want to make a Purchase?

Fill in the following information along with what you would like to purchase in the "Message" box, and we will be in contact to arrange pick up.

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